Monday, May 9, 2011

Tammany Hall Bar Nyc

Tammany Hall Bar Nyc. Tammany Hall middot; New York Film
  • Tammany Hall middot; New York Film

  • peharri
    Oct 12, 02:57 PM
    Weird. Could have sworn I responded to this.

    Anyway, this strikes me as unbelievably cynical. I doubt Apple's advertising is usually below 10% of the revenue of the iPods, yet they're giving $10 (5%) of revenues to a charity in exchange for a feel-good factor and marketing from Bono.

    I'm all for AIDS prevention, but there's not a single aspect of this story that doesn't strike me as crass and exploitative.

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  • xStep
    Oct 27, 03:04 PM
    One World. We aren't getting off this rock any time soon.
    Perhaps, but the sooner man is extinguished from this planet the sooner the planet can recover to it's equilibrium.

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  • rtkane
    Apr 4, 12:47 PM
    I often wondered what kind of people could find a homeowner who shot an armed intruder guilty of a crime or culpable in civil court. Having read many of the comments in this thread, now I know.

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  • toddybody
    Mar 30, 11:50 AM
    FAIL Apple. First of all, "app" is generic. Secondly, as iOS apps need to be bought and synced through iTunes...youre not going to lose sales to an Amazon/Microsoft/Google "app store". Grow up.

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  • landscapeman
    Mar 23, 04:39 PM
    That is ridiculous. Even if Apple pulls the app, They are not going to disappear. There is always Cydia.

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  • Forever
    Sep 26, 07:53 AM
    I hope you will be able to by it 'sim free' in the uk, im not buying it if it an O2 exclusive and this will make me sad

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  • wpwj40e
    Sep 12, 05:36 PM
    Kinda bummed. I really, really wanted a wide screen.....And since my 5g ipod ended up with my son - was in the market for one.

    What to the 5.5G or hold off a little longer - maybe there will be a wide screen yet this year....

    I do like most of the new features and even games. Was not impressed with the rest of the announcmeent.

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  • crap freakboy
    Oct 27, 07:50 AM
    Good for them. If Apple needs to get its house in order then the more information the better. Time for change and it ain't gonna be cheap.

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  • aegisdesign
    Sep 10, 08:34 AM
    I mean people are saying that Conroe is too hot for the iMac as it is (I don't think they are) but Kentsfield is two Conroe dies on one package. Meaning almost double the power consumption and heat generation.

    The thermal requirements for Yonah and Merom are 35W. Conroe is 65W. The old G5 at 2Ghz was 39W so roughly the same as Yonah/Merom although the power management wasn't as good with it not being a laptop chip.

    The Core 2 Extreme version of Conroe has a 75W rating. Kentsfield is being introduced as a Core 2 Extreme chip first so I'd guess it also has a 75W rating.

    Chances of seeing a Conroe Quad in an iMac - non-existent.

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  • Rivix
    Mar 23, 07:57 PM
    Hopefully prices won't go up any. But I shouldn't count on it.

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  • imikem
    Sep 9, 07:42 PM
    I think we all knew that Merom would only bring modest performance gains.

    Core 2 is a significantly different beast architecturally from Yonah to Merom. Merom has Intel's clone of AMD's cloned/extended x86 instruction set*, 64-bit instructions as well as long overdue changes to handling of old instructions, allowing this generation of CPUs to better utilize registers.

    There are other enhancements in Core 2 as well, so I doubt that the current compilers are getting the full performance potential. It may be several months before updated compilers can properly optimize code for Core 2. Stay tuned.

    * Sorry about that - x86 architecture is not pretty to look at. I sure liked the elegance of the PPC instruction set, but guess what $$Billions$$ can do?

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  • cube
    Mar 22, 01:20 PM
    Another crippled machine. I doubt Apple will show how bad their connector overloading is.

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  • shecky
    Aug 28, 09:31 PM
    Although I agree the post was condescending, Apple did in fact add MacPros to the iPod promotion when they were released.


    yeah... and what about the past years when they have run the promotion and not added newly released product to the rebate? thats what i was referring to.

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  • zhemgang
    Sep 14, 10:02 AM
    The Apple laptops are a staple machine for Mac using pro photographers so this would be a perfect event to announce an upgrade along with a new version of Aperture. It would look rather odd to have new C2D iMacs and MacPros without an upgraded MBP.

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  • iliketyla
    Mar 29, 01:30 PM
    I think he was referring to the older versions of Office that had weird MDI interfaces for Word and Excel, so that it only displayed one document at a time, unless you explicitly forced two separate instances of the application to run at the same time.

    How is what the older version didn't do relevant?

    The point people were trying to make was that Windows 7 is a good operating system, so what does it matter if past versions of Windows didn't have the functionality?

    As problems arise, they are addressed. If the problem has been fixed, then give credit where it's due.

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  • dejo
    Nov 13, 03:54 PM
    Exactly. Losing the maker of the Facebook app and Rouge Amoeba in one day is really bad.
    But it's been more than one day. Joe Hewitt resigned Wednesday (

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  • 4God
    Aug 28, 01:10 PM
    I wonder if some people read the guide I made at all. :confused:

    I did after you posted on this thread. As I said, Thanks.

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  • wpwj40e
    Sep 13, 10:16 PM
    Maybe the reason for not having a traditional keypad is that this is actually the iPhone Shuffle.

    Apple's market research team has concluded that people get tired of talking to the same people all time. And since the iPod Shuffle is such a hit playing songs randomly,
    the new iPhone Shuffle will randomly dial numbers, so every call you make is never boring.

    Got more than 240 numbers in your adressbook? No problem. Let iTunes autofill your iPhone shuffle and get a new telephonic experience every time. Mom follows Work. Home follows Pizza Parlor. iPhone shuffle loves to improvise. Take the Shuffle switch, for instance. Even if you�ve synced a particular call-list, you can shuffle numbers with a flick.


    My phone does that now. Little did I know it is a *feature*.


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  • milo
    Sep 5, 05:55 PM
    Tell ya what..If I want to watch a full length movie I'm gonna do it in my living room in front of my TV NOT wherever the computer is.

    Wow, you really don't get it.

    Watching on the tv is exactly what this is about. The whole point is that you don't need to have a *computer* or even a *hard drive* next to the TV since you can just stream the video from a computer ANYWHERE in your house.

    Seriously, did you even look at the picture you responded to?

    Apr 20, 12:36 PM
    1984 is not happening because companies and the government spies on you but because of people that are saying: "So what? It's not a big issue."

    Apr 30, 06:30 PM
    I feel privileged.

    Except for the fact you missed the golden age of computing. ;) Telix and a 2400 baud modem was a far superior experience to this Internet crap. Long live Codepage 437 graphics. With only 16 colors to choose from, no one needed a calibrated monitor :

    Apr 29, 09:57 PM
    You forget one thing neiltc13.... not many people seem to share your views:

    � Zune Desktop Software.... way more people prefer the iTunes ecosphere (which isn't perfect either mind you).

    � Zune Hardware... This is clearly a product flop... just like M$ and it's PlaysForSure DRM. Apple's iPod after 10 years still blitzes the portable music device market.

    � Windows Phone 7... Yes, Windows 7 is a significant improvement over any previous boost phone OS from M$... a shame that they had to really copy the whole "multi-touch" concept from someone else. But M$ has a long way to catch up with Apple and Google with their offerings and as yet, it would suggest that Apple and Google are still better than M$.

    � Windows 7... It's a LOT better than anything M$ has released in the past. All credit to them on this one. But it's uptake hasn't really been all that good though and Microsoft continues to do the "value-add" model by charging more for greater feature sets across it various Windows editions... Too many choices for people that don't understand. Just make one version and price it at $99 and they'll get a much better uptake.

    � Office 2010... Yes, it's WAY better than any offering from other companies (for Excel at least). Not sure that Office 2010 is necessarily better than Office 2007 though.

    � Office 2001 for Mac - Yes, especially Outlook 2011 for Mac. There was never any reason why Microsoft could not have upgraded it's old Classic Mac version of Outlook 2001 all along rather than develop it's Entourage product which in my opinion was always Microsofts half-assed way of limiting Mac Support in an attempt to marginalise the Mac platform. Guess what? It hasn't really worked so now Microsoft have realised that the best approach is to try and embrace the fact that Apple's Mac OS isn't going away anytime soon so it might as well support it properly.

    � Xbox 360 - It's a pretty good product, but compared to the other two 7th generation Game Consoles (PS3/Wii), XBOX trails in third place in all markets except the US where it is second behind Wii.

    � Xbox Live - Still an immature product (along with Sony's and Wii's equivalent!). I don't think ANY of the current offerings are that good really but Microsoft has a LOT more experience in internet technologies so you'd expect that Microsoft should be able to come up with something that is better than it is.

    Microsoft's problem is that it struggles to actually invent something that appeals to consumers in a way that allows them to command a higher price until the market matures. Technology is a tough market to be in because most technology products fall in value dramatically when a product matures, and margins become very thin and in many cases unsustainable. The only real way to make a lot of dosh in technology is to continually be innovative and invent something new that captivates people. Simply copying someone else all the time won't cut it.

    Apple started it's revolution with the iPod well before most other MP3 players came out and so it commanded a higher price (therefore profits) than conventional music devices of the time (CD Discman, Minidisc etc) had. Then just as all the me-too players jumped on the bandwagon, Apple move onto it's next innovation... iTunes Store... then iPhone... then App Store... and now the iPad.

    When Microsoft goes back to it's heyday and starts being innovative like Apple and Google are now, they'll again start making a lot more money again.

    They just had a record quarter, but when they innovate like Apple and Google they start to make a lot more money again. Priceless.

    Aug 23, 05:36 PM
    A little-known company, and that was to create it's product. If apple buys one of their largest competitors, that will raise a few eyebrows.
    Think Microsoft strategy here. They settle with Creative for $100 million and Creative join the Made for iPod scheme. If they suceed and get back on their feet, it helps Apple argue they aren't anti-competition, if they fail, Creative fall by the wayside and Apple could perhpas snap them up for a bargain.

    Buy Creative now and thy will not only be accused of anti-competitive behaviour, but probably lose any cases over Fairplay.

    Apr 22, 05:41 PM
    Backlit keyboard on it and I am in. Perfect form factor and feature set for what I do all day every day. And less weight in my bag

    Currently have the 13 mbp and would love to get a MBA to lighten my load.

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